Announcing Tezos Profiles

Loss of Trust, Loss of Connection

A Better Approach

How it Works

  1. A user connects their Tezos wallet.
  2. The user completes the Twitter verification and self-attested information workflows to receive claims in browser localStorage.
  3. The user then signs a storage operation with their Tezos wallet to upload their claims to Kepler, Kepler returns a public URL per claim.
  4. After that, the user deploys a smart contract they control containing the URLs and content hashes of the claims.
  5. (Optional) The user can update the smart contract contents and sign additional storage operations to update or delete their claims. Additionally, users can further control the active contents of the contract using their Tezos account, and even set the URL in the smart contract to files on their own web host.

The Difference: Kepler, Key Controlled Off-Chain Storage

Future Plans and Use Cases



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