Announcing the Tezos Profiles Alpha Launch

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4 min readMay 27, 2021


We’re excited to announce the alpha launch of Tezos Profiles (TZP), which can be found at

TZP is a web application that helps users regain control of their digital identity for use across platforms, and enables the creation of portable verified profiles by demonstrating control over public social media accounts and by self-attesting information. These verified profiles are then linked to Tezos accounts, allowing any platform to resolve and establish trusted information to mitigate identity fraud.

We encourage users to start creating and launching their profiles as we begin integrating Tezos Profiles support across the Tezos ecosystem. Currently, we are focused exclusively on publicly available information and accounts to avoid privacy issues. We will support private verifications in the future, once the proper security and privacy measures are in place for those workflows.

We’ve also open-sourced Tezos Profiles and the repository can be found here.


We wanted to make it easy for any development teams to use Tezos Profiles within their own applications. Therefore, we are releasing an SDK that itself uses to resolve, verify, and update claims. It can be found within our GitHub, with improved documentation on the way.

We are currently helping Tezos ecosystem members such as Hic Et Nunc, TzKT, Kukai, and Tezos Domains to integrate Tezos Profiles, enabling new forms of Sybil resistance and creator authentication. If you would like first-class support on an open-source Tezos Profiles integration for your application, please reach out in our support telegram.

How to Launch Your Profile

**Note: In this alpha release, only tz1 addresses are supported. However, we’re working quickly to add tz2 support (e.g. DirectAuth via Kukai) via our next upgrade.**

First, visit to get started.

To start, select the network you wish to connect to and connect your wallet using Beacon.

Once connected, you will be presented with two available credentials: Basic Profile Information and a Twitter Account Verification for the alpha launch. To start, click on “Basic Profile Information” to begin filling in some core profile information about yourself.

Once you’ve filled in your profile information, click “Sign Profile” in order to self-issue your credential. After this, you can move on to your Twitter Account Verification.

This workflow will require you to first enter your Twitter handle, sign a message using your wallet, tweet that message and signature, and lastly, verify that message using the service. Once that’s complete, return to your profile to launch your associated smart contract.

Once you have uploaded your credentials to Kepler and deployed your smart contract, congratulations — you now have an on-chain Tezos Profile!

Using our viewer, you can now view anyone’s public profile with their associated credentials.

Future Plans

We have an additional number of features and verifications lined up to be integrated into Tezos Profiles in the near future. Some of these include:

  • A redesign of the interface that enables users to view, update, and delete their credentials.
  • An Instagram account verification for artists.
  • Public messaging account verifications such as Telegram and Discord.
  • Tezos domain ownership proofs.

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