Decentralized Identity with the Tezos DID Method

Quick Feature Overview

Formal verification

Scalability and P2P Messaging

Tezos ecosystem integrations

Future development

  • We are working with engineers from TQ Tezos and the wider Tezos ecosystem to prove correctness of select properties of the DID manager smart contract as part of our integration testing.
  • With the recent addition of shielded transactions in Edo, it is possible to transfer assets anonymously with DID-based peer-to-peer verifications that leave no on-chain connection strings by using service endpoints.
  • We are closely tracking the work of the TezEdge team to enable pure Rust transaction forging in DIDKit.
  • Based on feedback from early Tezos DID users, we will be proposing our own updates to the Tezos protocol that can specifically improve support for decentralized identity.



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