DIDKit v0.1 is Live

What is novel about DIDKit

DIDKit’s unique superpowers, and those of did:tz

Who needs this (and doesn’t know it)

Core Feature-set in v0.1

  1. Generating unique keys
  2. Wrapping keys in a did:key document
  3. Issuing W3C specification-conforming, JSON-LD verifiable credentials, signed by a local and/or passed key
  4. Verifying W3C specification-conforming, JSON-LD verifiable credentials
  • did:tz (anchored to the Tezos mainnet 1, using Ed25519 keys natively)
  • did:key wrapping keys generated locally, including keys stored in on-device secure enclaves when compiled inside the Credible Wallet
  • did:web, which allows a subject to host its own DID document via web domain, to be resolved by a straightforward HTTPS request like a webpage
  • ring, v0.16: default for hashes, ed25519 functions, RSA, and randomness. The ed25519 functions here cannot currently compile to WASM.
  • rsa, v0.3: optionally for RSA.
  • ed25519-dalek, v1: optionally for ed25519. Compiles to WASM.
  • rand, v0.7: optionally for randomness.
  • sha2, v0.9: optionally for sha256 hashes.

Coming soon

  1. Exposing interfaces for JWT-based Verifiable Credential workflows
  2. Editor interface for building conformant JSON-LD contexts
  3. Registration of several new LD signature suites and support for new cryptography
  4. Further DID method support: did-tezos (tz2/tz3 and resolution layers 2 and 3), did-btcr, did-onion
  5. SDKs for PHP, Python, Ruby/Rails, Go, C#, C++
  6. BBS+ signatures
  7. DIDComm v2 messaging protocol support
  8. Presentation Exchange support
  9. Aries interoperability profile support
  10. SDK for JavaScript/ES6 (distributed via npm)
  11. Thoroughly documented WASM cross-compilations



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