Spruce Developer Update #11



  • Download the application either on an Android or iOS device.
  • Create a new wallet using the mobile interface.
  • Obtain a new demo credential by opening up the QR scanner and visiting our demo.
  • Presenting that obtained credential by scanning the QR code in our presentation demo interface.

Tezos Profiles

  • We’ve added support for Discord verifications to link Tezos accounts to Discord handles.
  • We’ve built out the necessary workflow to implement Instagram verifications to link Tezos accounts to Instagram handles — pending API approval.
  • We’ve integrated credential deletion in the interface to enable users to reverify in the case of mistakes or information changes.
  • We’ve integrated Tezos Domains support to resolve profiles based on .tez domains.
  • We created a web tool that reads and decodes a signing input string for TezosMethod2021 in order to make the basic profile credential more human-readable for end users.
  • We are currently working on both DNS and GitHub verifications to enable users to associate controlled web domains and GitHub accounts with their Tezos account.
  • Additionally, we’ve handled numerous bug fixes and improvements including: URL formatting issues in the viewer, claims downloading, and additional warnings for users that haven’t deployed profiles or added claims — to name a few.



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