At Spruce, we’re building a product suite to manage all aspects of the data supply chain. Here’s the latest from our development efforts:

Rust VC/DID Library

We are currently working on a project called DIDKit: a cross-platform toolkit for using DIDs and VCs with our Rust libraries at the core.

  • We have been able to utilize the core credential flows of Issue, Present, and Verify using DIDKit, currently supporting RSA and Ed25519 signature systems with more to come.
  • We currently support , but are starting work on support for did-tezos, did-btcr, did-web, and did-peer.
  • We are helping to write tests for the DID Test Suite at the .

Tezos DID Method

The Tezos DID Method makes a pragmatic trade-off between usability, security, and privacy, allowing any Tezos-based address to have a useful DID.

  • Our current draft of the Tezos DID Method can be found .
  • We have been reviewing this with members of the Tezos ecosystem and members of the decentralized identity ecosystem to ensure usability, security, and privacy.
  • We have started the implementation of the method.
  • We intend to submit this as a Credentials Community Group work item with our partner TQ over the next few weeks.


  • We are completing the integration of our Rust libraries into our native mobile applications through the Flutter cross-platform framework.
  • We have begun scoping the cloud wallet and single-page app target aspects of Credible.


  • We have begun work on Keylink, which links existing enterprise accounts to keypairs.
  • We have a working MVP demonstration which uses Keycloak as the identity provider and Keylink as the relying party for signing with Ed25519 keys.
  • Keys are stored in an encrypted SQLite database for the MVP, but we intend to integrate with cloud KMS systems such as Amazon KMS in the future.
  • We intend to release Keylink open source as it matures.

If you would like to discuss how we would deploy the architecture described above for a specific use case, please take 30 seconds to , and we will respond within 24 hours.

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