Spruce Developer Update #7

The Tezos DID Method


  • Implemented demo credential self-issuer using Svelte, DIDKit-WASM, Ethereum and Solana wallets to a Tezos DID.
  • Issued verifiable credentials based on Sybil verification.
  • Issued verifiable credentials based on trade history from Serum and Uniswap.
  • Implemented demo credential verifier using Svelte and DIDKit-WASM.
  • Implemented demo credential verifier using DIDKit and Rocket.


  • Enabled using Rust stable.
  • Added support for Secp256k1 with EcdsaSecp256k1Signature2019, EcdsaSecp256k1RecoverySignature2020, did:key, and tz2.
  • Support blockchainAccountId property.
  • Implemented external signing for linked data proofs.
  • Partial implementation of did:ethr.
  • Partial implementation of DID method and linked data signature suite for Solana.
  • Implemented linked data signature suite using EIP-712.
  • Enabled DIDAuth using Verifiable Presentations without Verifiable Credentials.
  • Added support for P-256 curve and EcdsaSecp256r1Signature2019 linked data signature suite, with tz3 and did:key.
  • Merged WASM package and Node.js library.
  • Implemented asm.js build target using Binaryen.
  • Implemented DID URL dereferencing.
  • Added CLI commands for DID resolution and DID URL dereferencing.
  • Added fallback DID resolver URL option for CLI and HTTP server.
  • Added Spring Boot authentication example, using CHAPI and Credible.
  • Added Svelte CHAPI wallet example.
  • Improved support for iOS build target.
  • Improved support for WSL 2.
  • Merged documentation fix from first third-party contributor.
  • General bug fixes.


  • Added feature to use bip39 as a recovery method for the wallet.
  • Added a wallet reset feature.
  • Added CI for Android/iOS.
  • Added support for web build target.
  • Added support for custom wallet protocol.
  • Added support for CHAPI wallet protocol.
  • Added instructions on how to serve vendored web dependency `canvaskit`.
  • Added instructions on how to build `canvaskit` without WASM or `eval`/`unsafe-eval`.
  • Fixed various UI issues.



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