Spruce Developer Update #7

Spruce Systems, Inc.
3 min readMar 9, 2021


At Spruce, we’re building a product suite to manage all aspects of the data supply chain. Here’s the latest from our development efforts:

The Tezos DID Method

The Tezos DID Method is a DID Method geared for privacy, formal verification, and scaling to billions of identifiers by using off-chain updates.

Released the first iteration of the Tezos DID method, which includes:

You can find more details here


Rebase is a data takeout for platforms built on reusable data containers. With normal data takeout, users can only download their information. With Rebase, users can then prove to anyone their verified activity history, reputation, and account data.

  • Implemented demo credential self-issuer using Svelte, DIDKit-WASM, Ethereum and Solana wallets to a Tezos DID.
  • Issued verifiable credentials based on Sybil verification.
  • Issued verifiable credentials based on trade history from Serum and Uniswap.
  • Implemented demo credential verifier using Svelte and DIDKit-WASM.
  • Implemented demo credential verifier using DIDKit and Rocket.


DIDKit is a cross-platform toolkit for working with W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs).

  • Enabled using Rust stable.
  • Added support for Secp256k1 with EcdsaSecp256k1Signature2019, EcdsaSecp256k1RecoverySignature2020, did:key, and tz2.
  • Support blockchainAccountId property.
  • Implemented external signing for linked data proofs.
  • Partial implementation of did:ethr.
  • Partial implementation of DID method and linked data signature suite for Solana.
  • Implemented linked data signature suite using EIP-712.
  • Enabled DIDAuth using Verifiable Presentations without Verifiable Credentials.
  • Added support for P-256 curve and EcdsaSecp256r1Signature2019 linked data signature suite, with tz3 and did:key.
  • Merged WASM package and Node.js library.
  • Implemented asm.js build target using Binaryen.
  • Implemented DID URL dereferencing.
  • Added CLI commands for DID resolution and DID URL dereferencing.
  • Added fallback DID resolver URL option for CLI and HTTP server.
  • Added Spring Boot authentication example, using CHAPI and Credible.
  • Added Svelte CHAPI wallet example.
  • Improved support for iOS build target.
  • Improved support for WSL 2.
  • Merged documentation fix from first third-party contributor.
  • General bug fixes.


Credible is Spruce’s native credential wallet for the consumption, storage, and presentation of Verifiable Credentials on Android and iOS.

  • Added feature to use bip39 as a recovery method for the wallet.
  • Added a wallet reset feature.
  • Added CI for Android/iOS.
  • Added support for web build target.
  • Added support for custom wallet protocol.
  • Added support for CHAPI wallet protocol.
  • Added instructions on how to serve vendored web dependency `canvaskit`.
  • Added instructions on how to build `canvaskit` without WASM or `eval`/`unsafe-eval`.
  • Fixed various UI issues.

If you would like to discuss how we would deploy the architecture described above for a specific use case, please take 30 seconds to leave us a message, and we will respond within 24 hours.

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